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Automotive computer mounts

​Automotive Computer Mounts, LLC is a nationwide installation provider  that specializes in designing and installing the vehicle mounting configuration that best fits your companies needs.  From consultation through installation, ACM staff will assist you with the logistics to ensure your fleet has minimal downtime.  ACM will conduct a site visit, meeting with your staff to provide you with a safe and ergonomic mounting solution.   Our certified installers will maintain a clean and safe working environment during the installation process.  Our services do not end with the installation.  We offer training to the end user to assist with the transition to the new equipment and protect the investment that your company has made.  Call us at (920)850-9889 or e-mail us at sales@acminstall.com

Our staff will assist you with developing basic and advanced mounting solutions for your vehicles.  We will gather information from you to ensure that we put together the best mounting solutions for your project.  We realize that not every industry or department has the equipment, vehicles or the same needs, but safety and security is everyone's concern.  ACM is participating in an ongoing ergonomic study at Marquette University to ensure that the end user is able to use the mount in a comfortable position and help to minimize chronic back injuries and carpal tunnel.  Our mount manufacturer "Gamber Johnson" continues to increase the security of your investment by protecting your computer with the new NotePad V and docking stations for numerous computers.  The slam and lock technology that Gamber Johnson developed with the Mongoose motion attachment allows the end user to push the computer away and automatically locks in place.  Some projects will require a site visit which will provide ACM with an opportunity to talk with your staff and will allow you to have a “hands on” look at the mounting equipment that would be used for your project.

Project management:
ACM will work with you to provide a detailed and realistic delivery and installation plan.  In order to minimize the down time of your fleet we will do our best to work around your schedule, working nights and weekends if necessary.  Our friendly and professional staff will maintain a clean and safe working environment.  ACM is a Gamber Johnson Certified installation company.  We will provide a quality installation and warranty our work.

The mounts and the motion attachments do vary.  Therefore ACM staff will train your personal on how to use and adjust the equipment properly.  Having the ability to change the position of the mount with the motion attachment makes it safer while the vehicle is in motion and more ergonomic while the computer is in use.  The proper training will save you time, money and headaches down the line.

William J. Pagel
Automotive Computer Mounts, LLC
"A Mount to Everything"
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